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Review: Seed 2 - The new Breed (english)

Seed 2 - The new Breed

Marcel Walz is a name which instantly flashes to your head when you think of german indie movie making. In 2014 he not only brings us one or two, but three movies which will leave you sleepless. Besides the newly made Directors Cut of his 2013 movie Raw and its sequel Raw 2, he gives the horrorfans a sequel to one of the most disturbing and sick Slashermovies out there: Seed! But can Seed 2 life up to the hype? 

After their bachelorette Party some Girls are on their way home, but this ride will become everything else but joyful. On this Trip they meet some bizarre people and have to realize that their meeting up with Death! A journey which will become a nightmare for everyone!

The story of Seed 2 is one hell of a mix between a Road Movie, a little bit of Hills Have Eyes and some sparkles of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Seed 2 is something completely different than its predecessor and that’s only for the best, because you don’t get that feeling that you have seen it all in the original. Marcel Walz is truly one sick fuck and everybody who is familiar with his work, such as La Petite Mort or Candy House (Schlaraffenhaus). La Petite Mort is for most fans currently the best of his work and Candy House is a movie which will captivate you and leave you truly frightened. But Seed 2 ramps up everything you’ve seen this far from him. Right away, when not even the opening credits have rolled, you will be speechless and standing on your couch, cause the movie will hit you like battering ram. Such an Intro for a movie hasn’t been seen yet and you get a glimpse of what is to come. Max Seed takes no prisoners and that’s one thing you know for sure after not even 1 minute.

After that, the movie makes one step back and you will be jumping through the time. One Day earlier, the night before and so on. Because of that the story will leave you exhausted and with every new display the jigsaw becomes a little bit clearer. But you also get a certain feeling of insecurity, cause you never know what awaits, when the black screen is gone. Is someone being tortured? Is everybody still alive? It’s this insecurity which leaves you breathless and frightened and that’s one thing you don’t see very often in modern horrorflicks. Not even the original Seed was so intense.

In the sound department Marcel Walz again proves that he definitely knows what a good choice of songs has to be like and Seed 2 is his greatest choice this far. The great technolike song right at the beginning or the rocking sound at the end of the movie, everything fits perfect in the gritty mood of the movie itself. It’s like going on a journey yourself which starts happy and partylike and ends in totally mayhem. The actors are the who is who of independent movies. Besides Annika Strauss, the german screamqueen, you’ll find Natalie Scheetz, Christa Campbell, Sarah Hayden, Manoush, Caroline Williams and Nick Principe and they all doing an exceptional job. Especially Manoush is born for the roll of the psychopath and she proves why she is always used as this.

But the one thing everybody wants to know is the gore and in movie by the name of seed you’re definitely expecting some fucked up kills. The original stayed in everybody’s mind because of it’s dark, gritty Gore overkill, but Seed 2 isn’t anything less gory. The effects were made by Ryan Nicholson, who even plays a small part in the movie itself, and everybody who is familiar with Ryans work will know what he is up to. Every kill is sick and disturbing although they don’t really spray blood everywhere but you’ll be shocked and that’s one good thing. Especially Annika Strauss has to survive some truly disturbing and sick torture. Nothing Marcel Walz has done before can be compared to this beast of a sick fuck.

Seed 2 is the highlight in the career of Marcel Walz. Dark, Gritty and totally sick. Fast Cuts and jumps in the story will leave you exhausted, so that you can’t even thing about boredom. Every Fan of horrormovies needs to watch this badboy and will embark on one hell of ride. 

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  1. Dem Review kann ich gar nicht zustimmen.
    Das Drehbuch ist schrecklich und einfallslos. Die Handlung trotz 50 Zeitsprüngen vorhersehbar, Manusch kann sich nicht alleine anziehen und wenn schon die Leute aus der eigenen Crew sagen, wie unprofessionell es am Set zuging, will das auch was bedeuten. Mit kleinem Budget kann sich Walz diesmal nicht rausreden.