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Review (english): Malacreanza - From the Diary of a broken Doll

Malacreanza - From the Diary of a broken Doll

When filmakers stay true to their style but do something completely different as in the movie before, you know as a film fan that you will be kidnapped into a completely different world every single time you start a movie by said filmmaker. CdX, whose work of art Diabolique just a few weeks ago attracted attention, is now unleashing his next beast. You recognize from the trailer alone, that it’s definitely a cdx one, but it seems to be a new genre entirely. But what will await us, when we turn on the TV and will it be as strong as Diabolique was before it?

Anna awakes one morning without any orientation. Naked. Where is she? Who has brought her there? And why naked? There seems to be no answer for any of these questions. But this is by far not the worst thing Anna has to deal with. Some strange force seem to have control of any of her movements. So her nightmare has just begun.

At first the story of Malacreanza seems to be much more structured than Diabolique, but don’t be fooled by that, because when after 60 min the black screen appears, you have only one feeling: being helpless. After Diabolique rotated at least one week in my mind, I now watched the latest work of CdX. When I was, after watching Diabolique, left alone with a „wow“ in my head, after having watched Malacreanza I’m feeling crashed and exhausted by a bombardment of pictures, sounds and a story you can analyse in so many ways, that you don’t know where to start and where to end.

If you survive Malacreanza, and I doubt that there will be many people who succeed in their attempt, the single scenes will extend to their real magic. They will torture your memory like an endless nightmare that is stuck into your brain, and returns night after night. Like Anna, the viewer will also be drawn to another weird strange world by an invisible force. This is amplified by the movies’ language in italian with frozen subs - if you don’t understand both of it, you will even understand less. The language itself, gives the movie an atmosphere which is rather rare in movies nowadays. Especially the sentences that are just read by an ominous voice feel like there’s been a spell, or even a curse casted on the viewer and the protagonist. Trapped  in a world without time you have to try to get the puzzles to a whole.

As said before, Malacreanza is build out of scenes, which consolidate themselves to a whole in the end. I don’t want to spoil, but I want to mention one single scene that impressed me a lot. Let me call it transformation scene. I’ve named it like that, but everyone who watched the movie knows which one is meant. For more than 10 minutes the viewer is enchanted by the hypnotic moves of Shivabel underlined by a monotonic score, which isn’t meant in a negative way. The composition of color design, movements and sounds creates a real trip of impression you will not forget.

But what do all these scenes mean? If you think, that in the end you'll understand what the movie is trying to deliver, then think again. This is due to the fact that this movie doesn’t want to tell only one story, but a few. Everybody will experience the movie in his or her own way. There is simply no right or wrong, because the mindfuck you get out of this movie, is only as strong as yourself want it to be. If you want to analyze every single scene, its up to you, but be aware  you will be able to fill pages after pages with different explanations, but never get all of the possibilities because they are simply unlimited. It’s a movie that wants to be experienced more than anything else. Where Diabolique didn’t even noticed you as a viewer, Malacreanza is likely to throw you on the ground every single time you thought you got what it wanted to say. And please don’t turn off your player when the credits roll because after that there might be the last pieces of the puzzle waiting for you to pick it up.

To sum it all up Malacreanza is much more than just one simple movie. All of the scenes are comparable to the work of a mad artist if you view them separately, but when viewed together you’ll find a movie that is all about its images and the need to piece together every jigsaw so that you can find its hidden beauty deep beneath the first impression. Alot like the work of David Lynch, you’ll have to view this movie again and again, to find every hidden clue. And maybe sometimes you can finally find an explanation which makes sense for yourself. Everybody who thought Diabolique was difficult to understand, needs to reconsider this thought because after you have watched Malacreanza you’ll see that Diabolique is like a walk in the park, compared to this monstrosity. Watch at your own risk and only if you are willed to think about the imagery you witnessed. But if you dig this kind of movies, Malacreanza could be a movie you won’t forget very soon. 

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