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100th Review Special: 7 Ways to mutilate yourself (english)

100th Review: 7 Ways to mutilate yourself (english)

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The time has finally come: 100 Reviews (with this posts there are actually 101) have now been done by me and for this special occasion I have something totally unique. Through some strange coincidences I found a movie, which nobody really knows about. But we’ll come to that later and I’ll explain why nobody has ever heard of it before. But what movie am I talking about? Only a few people have seen it. Really sick, disturbing and totally fucked up, who else but EL Gore can make a movie like that and the name is: 7 ways to mutilate yourself! 

If you want to know what this movie is about I have to disappoint you, because there simply is now story in this movie. All of El Gores early works have no story what so ever. Like the title suggests this film simply shows 7 ways to mutilate yourself. You’ll get a knife, a pencil and so much more disturbing shit. With every scene the movie gets more and more extreme.

7 Ways marks the first steps of El Gore in the FX department and you’ll instantly know that this guy knows what he’s doing. Some gore scenes even look better then in later movies like Snuff Tape 1 and Ghouls Night Out 1. You can practically say that this movie could be used as a 1x1 of splatter FXs. The music in this one is pure El Gore Gore Grind, so you could think that this movie is a prequel to the Snuff Tape Trilogy. The whole editing is professionally done and really shines. But keep in mind that this in fact a low budget nonsensical splattermovie which doesn’t have anything to say besides splattering blood all over the place.

Final thoughts: 7 ways to mutilate yourself is a short, sick and disturbing movie, which shows us exactly what El Gore does best. Great music mixed with the ultra bloody Fx create a movie every gorehound should watch. Hopefully El Gore keeps on giving us such movies.

How to get it:

Well this is the part where things get complicated. Whoever thought that you could simply write El Gore and ask for a copy has to reconsider it. I had to look for the movie for more than a year. The director told me, that there was in fact a version of this movie but it got destroyed in a fire.  Luckily I found a link where someone was selling a VHS rip of this movie but it got deleted very fast after that and I couldn’t buy this version. So the search continued and I found a link in a Russian movie board where the movie was uploaded as the exact same VHS Rip onto a streaming site. I watched it but as I write these lines the link to the movie has also been deleted. Seems like this movie has some kind of curse on it.

The original VHS also doesn’t exist anymore cause the damn vhs player ate the Tape and destroyed it. Hopefully there’ll be a chance one day to get this movie. If someone owns the VHS Rip please get in contact with the director to help spread the word and so that more people can view this little forgotten gem. 

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